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Sonic Unleashed

Sonic unleashed ps3 games is an adventure type video game. It was published on November 18, 2008 and published by SEGA.Get the best Sonic unleashed ps3 roms free.

Over the years, many Sonic tiles have been released but if you have a PS3 emulator on your computer, you must consider giving Sonic Unleashed a go. Developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega, Sonic Unleashed is a solid platform game that features high entertainment values. You have a hard time deciding whether to pick up Sonic Unleashed? Then this article could help you out


Overview Sonic Unleashed PS3

World Map Is Well-Designed 

One of the main appeals of the game is its 3D world map that lets you move around at your leisure. Using Sonic, you could reach all corners of the game map and access various locations provided that you have unlocked them. As you progress, it’s possible to see the restoration of the continents too which is neat by all accounts. 

Controls Could Use Some Work 

In most of the cases, you should be able to manipulate Sonic to your liking but expect some sluggishness every now and then. At times, it’s necessary to execute multiple moves to overcome obstacles in the game as well. That being said, you don’t have to worry too much about the controls as they still deliver a thrilling experience

Challenging Boss Battles

Unlike many other games in the genre, Sonic Unleashed contains tough bosses that prove tricky to beat. Needless to say, boss battles in the game tend to last for a while and require concentration. However, each boss sticks to a pattern so if you manage to exploit that, you could wrap up boss battles with relative ease. 

Tedious Werehog Levels 

In Sonic Unleashed, two modes exist, day and night. By day, you play as Sonic but when night comes, Sonic turns into a Werehog (a werewolf-hedgehog hybrid) and the levels get harder. The game even gives you a shield to help you handle attacks. Fortunately, enemies at night usually have low intelligence so don’t hesitate to take the fight to them. 


Tips and Tricks Sonic Unleashed PS3 

Start With The Battle Challenges

Before anything else, do the battle challenges since they don’t focus on speed, the number of times you get hit, etc. Next, work your way up through the time trial challenges. If you get to level 2 and succeed in the time trial challenges, you should be able to get good ranks. 

Make Use Of Critical Attacks

Whenever you run into medium-to-large enemies, unleash as many critical attacks as possible to take them down. You have a chance to execute the critical attack if there is a burning arrow icon above the head of the enemies. To actually pull off the attack, get close to the enemies, press O on your controller and follow on-screen button patterns. Be sure to execute the move before the line makes a complete circle.

Increase Combat Stat For Superior Techniques

In the beginning, the Werehog (Sonic at night)  possesses only ten attacking combos which means his prowess is less than ideal. Also, all the strong techniques stay locked. To turn the Werehog into a force to be reckoned with, it’s strongly recommended that you invest in his Combat stat. By doing so, you could unlock skills that boost your odds of survival in the late stage of the game. 

REGION World Wild
GENRE Adventure
Size 10 GB
File Format Decryption Folder