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Tekken 6 ps3 games is the best fighting game which was published in 2007. Tekken 6 was developed by Namco. It is the PlayStation 3 based game 357 arcade board.Download Tekken 6 ps3 roms free.

As the sixth main and seventh overall installment in the Tekken franchise, Tekken 6 is well-received for its mix of old elements and new features. Looking for a fighting game that could keep you entertained for hours at a time? In that case, you won’t regret adding Tekken 6 to the list of games on your PS3 emulator.

Overview Tekken 6 PS3

Simple Yet Elaborate Gameplay 

In Tekken 6, you could get characters to punch and kick using the four buttons (square, cross, triangle and circle) that correspond to the limbs. Thus, regardless of your experience with fighting games, it won’t take long for you to master basic attacks in Tekken 6. Aside from that, when you get the hang of things, you may use combinations of buttons to parry, juggles, wall hits and so on. It usually takes a bit of practice to pull off some of the more difficult maneuvers but nothing is impossible.

Graphics Is So-So

Since Tekken 6 is an old game, its graphics is unable to match that of today’s games. However, Tekken 6 still looks good enough on the PS3 emulator and if you manage to nail the emulating settings, it would be a sight for sore eyes. For optimal performance, you should use the default configuration in the beginning then apply incremental changes. By doing so, you don’t have to worry too much about lags, distortion, etc.

Monetary Reward As Incentives

For your information, almost everything you do in Tekken 6 should get you a couple of coins. The more coins you have, the more customization you could buy for characters on the roster. Of course, you have to save up coins if you want to own high-end customization. All in all, even after you finish the storyline, Tekken 6 still gives you the motivation to play more.

A Lot Of Characters 

Generally speaking, the PS3 version of Tekken 6 consists of 41 characters and each of them is unique in all aspects from appearance to movement. Because of that, Tekken 6 is able to accommodate different players with different playstyles. Annoyed by games that keep “cloning” characters every now and then to add fresh faces to the cast? Then there is a good chance that you won’t be disappointed by the characters of Tekken 6.

Multiple Modes Available From The Get-Go

Unlike many other fighting games, there is no need to fulfill special requirements to unlock modes in Tekken 6. As soon as you launch Tekken 6, you may access various game modes such as Arcade, Ghost Battle, Survival, … For instance, if you like to see how quickly you could knock down opponents, feel free to jump into Survival. Hence, you should be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest whenever you launch Tekken 6.

Tips And Tricks Tekken 6 PS3

Balance Between Defense And Offense 

In Tekken 6, it’s not uncommon for players to get absorbed in attacking and let their guard down. If your combos connect, it’s all good but if things get dicey, don’t hesitate to switch to blocking. By blocking, you should beagle to minimize the amount of damage you receive as well as gain some breathing room. It’s worth pointing out that blocking won’t work every time though so you don’t want to abuse it.

Juggle, Juggle And Juggle 

Tekken 6 offers players a lot of ways to deal damage to opponents but few surpass juggling in terms of damage output. By keeping enemies in the air, you may attack them time and again while removing their ability to block. As a result, it’s wise to learn how to juggle if you want to work your way through the health bar of enemies. Keep in mind that all characters in the game could juggle but some take less time and stamina to do so than the rest.

Practice With A Character At A Time

You could play using whatever character you like from the cast of Tekken 6 but it won’t hurt to get some practice. Practice allows you to get used to the move set of characters and develop ways to come out on top. CPU opponents work well for practice but you would improve fast if you fight human opponents. The more matches you play, the more experienced you become.

Take Advantage Of Rage 

For your information, Tekken 6 is the first appearance of Rage that activates when the health of characters runs low. The moment Rage kicks in, the health bar of characters glows red and they could dish out a ton of damages. Needless to say, if you make use of Rage, it’s possible to turn the tide of battle and make a comeback. That being said, since Rage is only available at low health, refrain from overextending yourself.

Keen Eye Out For For Items (Scenario Campaign)

Scenario Campaign is the Story mode of Tekken 6 and while the plot is by all accounts so-so, the gameplay features a lot of fun. Interestingly, as you progress through Scenario Campaign, you should come across items as you defeat enemies and break open crates. The items offer quite a few effects which come in handy in the late stage of the Scenario Campaign. Because of that, it’s a good idea to get your hands on the items whenever you see them.

FAQs Tekken 6 PS3

Which character should I play if I’m new to Tekken?

If you have patience, you would be able to master every character in the cast of Tekken 6 eventually. Still, in the case that you like to take things easy, try out Lili, Alisa, Bob, Law, Paul, Bryan, … Such characters usually do well in the hands of beginners and remain relevant as the skill level increases.

Do I need premium graphics cards to play Tekken 6?

The age of Tekken 6 means you don’t need high-end graphics cards to play Tekken 6 on emulator. Nonetheless, you should own a recent GPU of decent quality to get the most of the experience. If you notice lags, distortion and so on as you emulate the game, proceed to reduce the emulation settings.

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