Batman: Arkham Origins PS3 ROM ISO Download

“Batman: Arkham Origins” is the name of the game. It marks the beginning of the Dark Knight Knight image that has been a part of the minds of many players across the globe. It is an action-adventure title created in collaboration with WB Games Montreal and released by Warner Bros. Entertainment. It’s it’s sequel to successful 2010 Batman: Arkham City game and the third entry of the series. 

“Batman: Arkham Origins” is basically just a brief introduction of the Batman character to prepare to the game’s sequel “Batman: Arkham Knight”. Game content closely follows story line that is the basis of Batman within DC Comics. The main story line of the game is set five years prior to it’s “Batman: Arkham Asylum” event, which follows an older and less sophisticated Batman. 

A bounty was imposed on Batman by the criminal Lord Black Mask, tasked with sending the world’s greatest eight criminals in Gotham City on Christmas Eve. Villains, like Joker and Anarky make use of the chaos to begin unjust conspiracy theories, while Gotham City police try to capture Batman. The game is played in a different perspective that focuses on Batman’s combat and stealth abilities as well as his detective skills and the gadgets he uses to combat and investigate the most important plot developments. 

The game lets you freely play Batman to explore Gotham City to perform side missions like eliminating criminal gangs, or saving individuals. The features were in the previous version , but they were also enhanced in terms of the configuration and combat system, utilizing different techniques of attack that work with the weapons of Batman.

Batman: Arkham Origins ps3 game
Batman: Arkham Origins
GENREAction , Adventure
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