Blur PS3 ROM ISO Download


Blur ps3 game is also a console based ps3 games to download.It was first published on May 25, 2010 and published by Activision.It got popular very short time.Best PlayStation 3 games to download.Get the best Blur ps3 roms free.

Developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Activision, Blur is a racing game that could provide hours of entertainment. You want to see what real-world cars could do if they have arcade-style handling? In that case, you won’t regret adding Blur to the game collection of your PS3 emulator. 

Overview Blur PS3

Exciting Gameplay

Even though entry-level cars feature mediocre performance, you’ll eventually get the higher-tier cars that move insanely fast. In addition to that, you could get power-ups that grant advantages during a race. Therefore, you will never find the gameplay of Blur boring. 

No-Nonsense Controls

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, players need little time and effort to master the controls of Blur. Assuming that you have quick reflexes, you could reach the finish line with relative ease in most of the cases. Gliding between competitors is a cakewalk and you only need to pay attention to be able to dodge missiles, mines, etc. Also, turning at high speed won’t end in you being slammed to the wall. 

A Wide Range Of Weapons 

To make the racing more competitive, Blur lets you put weapons on your cars: missiles, mines and so on. Depending on the situation, you have the option of deploying weapons behind and in front of your car to take out other racers. It’s noteworthy that you shouldn’t expect the weapons to win you the race by themselves. Strategize in advance to use the right weapon at the right time while avoiding being hit by weapons of others.  

Multiple Tracks

Most of the tracks resemble proper cities but they could use some work here and there. Some of the tracks could get a bit ridiculous like the one where the road runs behind the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles and a slip could send you tumbling off a cliff. Regardless, the variety of tracks in Blue means races don’t get repetitive. Needless to say, if you like to increase the odds of victory, you should spend a bit of time studying the tracks so you could choose suitable cars. 

Aesthetically Pleasing Graphics

This game is nothing short of sleek and stylish. From the cars to the environment, you could see a particular sharpness and everything is in high resolution. The fancy-looking buildings, towering bridges and firework displays are all resplendent which add a nice touch. Furthermore, Blur also possesses impressive particle effects: when your car launches over crests, it’s possible to see dust and trails and during collisions, splinters of bodywork litter the air.

Tips And Tricks Blur PS3

Save Power-Ups

Generally speaking, it’s wise to save power-ups unless you see a clear opportunity. For example, don’t use your repair power-up unless the bar is RED as your car can move with 1 or 2 levels of damage. Aside from that, if you have Barge, use it on groups of players instead of individual ones. Assuming that you manage to put the power-ups to good use, you should have no trouble overcoming the opposition whenever you enter a race. 

Feel Free To Go On The Offensive 

If you want to lead the race, you need to force your way there. All you need to do is to target everyone else using your weapon until there is no car in front of you. Naturally, you should exercise caution at times as others have access to the same arsenal as you. Don’t get caught up in attacking and remember to check out your surroundings on occasions. 

Avoid Contact With Other Cars

In a race, it’s not uncommon for cars to graze each other from time to time. That being said, for good measure, you should keep your car from hitting other cars throughout the race outside of emergencies. By doing so, you could minimize the amount of damages your car receives and maintain speed.

PUBLISHER Activision
Size 6 GB
File Format GameFolder/ISO