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fifa 19

FIFA 19 ps3 games is one of the best and most popular sport games than ever developed before.FIFA 19 was released it totally unknown but its popularity will never end. It was developed by EA sports.Download FIFA 19 ps3 roms free.

All in all, as the 26th installment of the FIFA series, FIFA 19 is a solid football game for the PS3 platform. In the case that you like playing football in real life as well as on your PS3 emulator, FIFA 19 is for you. 

Overview FIFA 19 PS3


As part of the risk versus reward system, FIFA 19 gives you a Timed Finishing mechanism that grants extra power and accuracy for headers, volleys, shots, … To activate it, you’ll have to press the shoot button twice to get a new shot timing bar to appear over your player’s head. The color of the bar indicates the timing: red is early, green is perfect and yellow is late. Needless to say, you have to aim for green to score goals. 

Exceptional Graphics 

In FIFA 19, if you look at the faces of some of the popular players like Neymar, Pogba and so on, you’ll be astonished due to how realistic they look. The eyes of the players could still use some work but as a whole, players on FIFA 19 look better than their counterparts in other football titles released in the same period. In addition, the official-licensed stadiums look as well as sound fantastic. 

New And Improved FUT 

Compared to previous games in the FIFA series, there is a new addition for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in FIFA 19, Division Rival. In essence, Division Rival is a mix of FUT Champions and Squad Battles that adds an excellent twist to online seasons. Also, in FIFA 19, the number of games of the Weekend League EA is reduced from 40 to 30 (25% down), meaning that it takes less time to complete it than in earlier entries. 

Improved One-Touch Passing

For your information, the new AI system in FIFA 19 allows you to make fast flawless one-touch passes in times of need. Furthermore, the feature isn’t restricted to the big clubs and players so even mid-level teams could string together passes seamlessly. It’s noteworthy that laser-guided passes in previous FIFA installments have disappeared in FIFA 19 and friction affects each pass more.

The Overhead Kick

Developers of the FIFA 19 were captivated by Cristiano Ronaldo’s overhead kick against Juventus that they decided to make it possible in the game. During a match, it is possible for players to click the right stick to flick the ball and execute the shot. Interestingly, you could make the overhead kick from a corner, a cross, …

Tips and Tricks FIFA 19 PS3

Turn The Difficulty Up

To improve the experience, you should turn the difficulty to “Professional.” It takes you out of your comfort zone but you’ll appreciate the challenge. Besides that, you could hone your skills as you face formidable AI opponents.

Switch Players 

For regular FIFA players, LB or L1 is the common choice once it comes to switching players. However, in FIFA 19, you should use the right analog stick to move from one player to the other. If you keep using L1, you could only switch to the player nearest to the ball. On the other hand, if you use the right analog stick, it’s possible to switch to the player you want and facilitate the flow of matches. 

Work On Corner And Free Kicks

If dribbling alone is not enough to get past the defenders of your opponents, you have to make the most of corner and free kicks. Go to training drills and work on the kicks until you master them. 

Don’t Mash The Shoot Button 

It’s not uncommon to see FIFA players mashing the shoot button as the ball approaches the opposing goalkeeper hoping that one of their strikers will connect. That being said, in FIFA 19, you shouldn’t avoid mashing buttons. All you have to do to get your players to go for the ball is to press the shoot button once. 

Master Skill Moves and Technical Tricks

FIFA 19 incorporates skills for players some of which you can use to flex on your friends. For example, you can do a Chest Flick (L to up, hold, press L3, then tap L3 thrice), T. Around the World (rotate R clockwise, then R, the flick ⇧) and so on. Other skills include Reverse In Air Elastico (R, flick ⇦, then flick ⇨), Ball Hop (tap R3), etc.

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Size 10 GB
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