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god of war collection

God of War collection ps3 games was the remastered port of the God of war and God of war II. God of War collection was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and This was one of the most popular role playing game.Downlaod God of war collection ps3 roms free.

Once it comes to the hack and slash genre, God of War is one the best series ever created. You like seeing Kratos battling creatures from Greek mythology and want to learn more about his past? Then it’s strongly recommended that you try out God of War: Ascension. 

Overview God of War Collection PS3

Over The Top Violence

Kratos putting down everything that comes his way in a gruesome manner is one of the hallmarks of the God of War series. In the case that you expect to see the kind of brutality associated with Kratos in Ascension, you won’t be disappointed. During his adventure, Kratos would show you how he snaps the spine of goat men, tears a centaur apart, rips through the skull of a harpy, etc. Overall, in terms of violence, Ascension fares well against other God of War installments. 

All Sorts Of Combos 

Generally speaking, it’s possible to reach the end of God of War: Ascension using basic moves. That being said, by tapping several buttons, you should be able to produce a multitude of combos to wipe out onscreen enemies. The more you experiment with combos in Ascension, the quicker you come up with ideal patterns of attack for particular targets. Of course, as the enemies become more resilient, you need to time your combos to cause maximum damage while avoiding getting knocked out. 

One Weapon – Variable Powers

Unlike previous games in the series, Kratos won’t pick up new mythical weapons and mainly count on Blades of Chaos for combat. Still, thanks to the ability to imbue the Blades with a number of powers, you would have an easy time wreaking havoc on the enemies. In addition, it’s noteworthy that enemies killed by different powers yield different rewards. Assuming that you use the right power at the right time and in the right place, Kratos is going to be unstoppable. 

Magic Is Good But Not Overpowered 

Considering the way that Ascension throws enemies at Kratos, it’s not uncommon for him to be surrounded. In that scenario, magic is your best bet at getting out alive. However, since the strongest of magic attacks stay all the way down the upgrade tree, you cannot abuse magic. A lot of reviews regard that to be a big plus as it prevents players from turning Kratos into a powerhouse too early in the game. The location of magic attacks in the upgrade tree also encourages tactical thinking as you distribute experience points.  

Not Too Easy And Not Too Hard

There is no shortage of health chests in Ascension and the game contains many checkpoints as well. Hence, even if you play casually, you would be able to complete the game with relative ease. Nonetheless, it’s important to point out that enemies in the game won’t go down easily. Also, if you don’t pay enough attention, you could have a hard time passing certain stages of God of War: Ascension. 

Tips And Tricks God of War Collection PS3

Remember To Block 

In a game like Ascension, it’s easy to lose control and resort to button mashing to make quick work of enemies. While that technique may get you through the beginning, it won’t do much good against late-game enemies. As a result, if you want to increase the odds of survival during combat, it’s a good idea to master blocking. Shortly before attacking, enemies would start glowing so if you keep your eyes peeled, blocking is child’s play. 

Leave No Stone Unturned

Usually, once you clear out an area, enemies won’t respawn which grants you the opportunity to explore. By searching around, you could obtain various goodies such as Red Orbs, Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix Feathers, etc. Hence, when combat ceases, it’s a good idea to check every nook and cranny for items to power up Kratos. Only advance if you know for certain that you have picked the current area clean.

Take Advantage Of Rage 

For your information, the Rage mechanism in Ascension differs from that of other God of War. In the game, the Rage meter fills up quickly but if Kratos stops fighting, it’s going to freefall in a blink of an eye. That being said, if you use Rage to good effect, you should be able to kill quite a few enemies in the vicinity. Needless to say, Rage is a solid choice to get Kratos a bit of breathing space as he fights multiple foes at the same time.

Make Use Of Enemies’ Weapons 

Blades of Chaos is the primary weapon of Kratos in Ascension but you always have the option of grabbing weapons dropped by enemies. Those weapons include spears, swords, hammers, … and it’s worth pointing out that each of them packs a super attack. Therefore, if you prefer to diversify attacks of Kratos at times, feel free to prioritize enemies that carry the weapon you like. As soon as you get bored of a weapon, throw it at nearby enemies to stun them.  

Grapple, Grapple And Grapple

All in all, Kratos is capable of destroying most of his enemies using only conventional attacks of Blades of Chaos. Still, you should consider using grapple every now and then to quickly get rid of enemies. For instance, it’s possible to use grapple to pull away shields from goat-men which leaves them vulnerable to your attacks. In addition to that, grapple allows you to swing enemies around the screen so they smash right into their own comrades. 

FAQs God of War Collection PS3

Should I play other God of War titles before Ascension?

Ascension is the seventh installment in the God of War series. However, in the chronological order of God of War, Ascension is the one that starts it all. As a result, there is no need to play other God of War titles to understand the story in Ascension. 

Is God of War: Ascension a long game?

For casual players, a playthrough of Ascension lasts around eight and a half hours. In the case that you wish to see all aspects of the game, it could take you up to thirteen and a half hours to complete Ascension.

How could I get upgrades in Ascension?

Assuming that you have enough Red Orbs, you would be able to get upgrades at any time via the in-game menu. Regarding the upgrade order, different players have different preferences but you should focus on the Blade of Chaos. 

PUBLISHER Sony Computer Entertainment
REGION World Wild
GENRE Action
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