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god of war III

God of War III ps3 games is the best action and adventure game which was developed by Santa Monica. It was published by Sony Computer Entertainment in March 16, 2010. God of war attracted gamer for it’s best action scene.Download God of war 3 ps3 roms free.

Being the sequel to God of War II and the fifth installment in the God of War series,  God of War III follows Kratos as he seeks vengeance against the gods. In the case that you want to play a solid hack-and-slash game on your PS3 emulator, God of War III is for you. 

Overview God of War III 3 PS3

Intuitive Third-Person Controls

In God of War III, it’s possible to walk, run, climb or swim using the L joystick on the controller. Via the R joystick, you can make Kratos lunge toward any direction with the currently equipped weapon. By pressing X, Square and Triangle buttons, you could unleash a wide range of attacks ranging from jumping kicks to melee annihilation. As a whole, you should be able to master the controls of God of War III in a matter of moments. 

Top-Notch Graphics

Once it comes to graphics, God of War III still leaves a positive impression despite its age. In most of the cases, movement is smooth and there is no screen tearing. Aside from that, characters in the game receive excellent rendering. Needless to say, muscles, weapons and so on look realistic.

Audio Is Rock-Solid 

The game provides a combination of weapon clashes and explosions from all directions. Chilling Greek screams emerge from behind and in front of Kratos from time to time. Also, Kratos’ angry voice booms through your subwoofer as he expresses his anger toward the gods of Olympus. 


During your adventure in God of War III, you will come across a series of puzzles that must be solved to progress the story. After you finish solving the puzzles, you could receive rewards such as health boosts as well as weapons (Blades of Exile, Claws of Hades, Nemean Cestus, Nemesis Whip, etc). 

Tips And Tricks God of War 3

Discover Phone Numbers In The Game

After finishing God of War III in God Mode, you will get a phone number. Call it directly and you could hear a mind-blowing story about the final boss’ death. Besides that, while exploring the throne room of Mount Olympus, you should destroy the Minotaur and Ares statues using a Lance of the Furies. By doing so, you could reveal a phone number and by calling it, you’ll hear a message describing how great you are at the game.

Press L1 In The Water 

While swimming, press the L1 button to shoot through the water in the direction you’re facing. This comes in very handy while avoiding underwater enemies such as Poseidon’s hippocampi.

Juggle, Juggle And Juggle 

To dish about a ton of damages upon enemies, press L1 plus X to cycle weapons while still attacking. For each press, the current weapon should deliver a slash and your weapons would cycle according to the order in which you acquired them. That is going to help you knock down enemies in a blink of an eye. You likely need some time to nail the timing but once you master juggling, you could breeze through the game. 

Take Advantage Of Magic Attacks 

Press the R2 button to dish out magical attacks from the currently equipped weapon. If you put magic attacks to good use, you could deal damage to enemies while minimizing the amount of damages that Katos receive. 

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PUBLISHER Sony Computer Entertainment
REGION World Wild
GENRE Action Adventure
Size 40 GB
File Format GameFolder/ISO
The last of us code: 6584
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