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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) ps3 games is the best action-adventure based games which got most popular by this time.It as developed by Rockstar and also published by Rockstar in 2013. It got heart and become popular within a very short time.Download Grand theft auto v ps3 roms free.

Nowadays, among the games that deal with criminals, law-breaking and so on, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is second to none in terms of popularity. From spectacular heists to intense shootouts, GTA V is a title for everyone that desires the freedom to do whatever they want in an open world.

Overview GTA 5 PS3

Interesting Cast Of Characters 

The story of GTA V follows three individuals: Michael Townley (retired conman), Franklin Clinton (gangster) and Trevor Philips (career criminal). They possess distinct personalities that set them apart from other characters of the GTA series and their interaction with each other is unique. As you watch the relationship between the characters develop, you could come across hysterical laughs as well as emotional moments. Throughout the game, Michael, Franklin and Trevor still feel like people despite having some of the most messed up minds.

A Ton Of Actions

All in all, the GTA series is well-known for a wide range of things and over-the-top action is one of them. From zipping through the streets with police in hot pursuit to participating in intense shootouts, GTA V would keep you at the edge of your seat. Noteworthily, Rockstar introduced new and improved controls in GTA V that guarantees a smooth experience. As a result,  you should be able to enjoy the action aspect of the game to the fullest every time you turn it on.

Missions With Diverse Details 

So you like the GTA series but hate the “go over here, talk to that guy there, kill the dude next to him” mission pattern? In that case, rest assured as GTA V won’t let you down with the way it handles mission details. Missions in the game involve piloting a submarine, torching a meth lab, infiltrating a facility, towing cars and so on. Considering the uniqueness of missions in GTA V, you don’t have to worry about getting bored midway through the story. 

Tip-Top Checkpoint System 

In layman’s terms, no one wants to replay most of a mission because they mess up near the end. To keep missions of GTA V from getting tedious, Rockstar paid special attention to the checkpoint system during the development phase. Packing countless checkpoints per mission, the game ensures that players never have to do the same thing again and again. Needless to say, with the checkpoints saving mission progress from time to time, you could go all out in GTA V. 

Well-Polished Game World 

GTA V is an open-world game and despite its age, the game world still looks well-polished to modern gamers. From Blaine County to Vespucci Beach, locations in the game give off unique vibes that keep gameplay fresh. Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that the presence of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in each of the locations is a nice touch as well. Thanks to a combination of smooth animation and variable actions, NPCs of GTA V integrate themselves into the experience of players well.

Tips And Tricks GTA 5 PS3

Give Stock Markets A Go 

In GTA V, it’s possible to get money through various ways but in terms of convenience, stock markets don’t have many competitors. Depending on your style, you may choose between LCN (high risk – high reward ) and BAWSAQ (low risk – low reward). By making the right call at the right time, you should be able to make a lot of bucks via stock markets. One way to maximize gain and minimize loss is to listen to business-related Weazel News reports as well as hints from characters, especially Lester.

Concentrate On Special Abilities

When the situation turns south, GTA V protagonists could activate special abilities: Driving Focus (Franklin), Area Kill (Michael) and Red Mist (Trevor). As the name suggests, Driving Focus helps Franklin perform tight maneuvers on all land vehicles by slowing time. About Area Kill, it slows time too but instead of driving, the special ability of Michael lets him take the upper hand in shootouts. Lastly, if multiple enemies appear, it’s wise to activate Red Mist to enable Trevor to dish out more punishment while taking less damage. 

Give Getaway Vehicles Some Thought 

A number of missions in GTA V require you to prepare a getaway vehicle, drive it to a certain location and call Lester/Michael. Since the getaway vehicle determines the ease of completing missions, don’t choose at random. Ideally, you should scout around for a quick 4-seater, steal it and pick up modifications (improved car armor, bulletproof tires, etc). By doing so, you would be able to wrap up missions with relative ease in most of the cases. 

In A Pinch? Drop By Ammu-Nation 

If you have a hard time shaking off the police, feel free to head straight to the Ammu-Nation store. The moment you get there, enter the store and look for a spot to hide but whatever you do, don’t pull out your guns. Assuming that things go your way, the store owner is going to engage in a shootout with the police. All you have to do next is to take advantage of the commotion to slip away to the street. 

Keep An Eye Out For Covers

Every time you get yourself into a shootout while playing GTA V, the first thing you should do is get behind the nearest cover. The marksmanship of NPCs is mediocre but it won’t take long for your character to turn into Swiss cheese if you remain in the open. As a result, resist the urge to shoot at enemies until you manage to secure protection of some sort. Also, during advance, locate other covers in the vicinity so you don’t get caught off guard when the shooting resumes.


Is it possible to get a plane?

Stealing is always an option once it comes to acquiring vehicles so visit Los Santos International Airport if you need to take to the sky. Aside from that, you could pick up a wide range of aircraft after purchasing a hangar/helipad. Compared to stealing, buying planes costs a huge sum of money but it won’t attract attention from the police. 

What is the Wanted Level? 

To put it plainly, Wanted Level indicates how much the player is wanted by the authority and it consists of five ranks. The lowest rank is One Star and you should be able to get it by committing minor crimes: hit-and-run, harassment, vandalization, assault, etc. If you want to reach Five Stars, increase the Wanted Level to Four Stars by committing serious crimes then let the police chase you. Continued pursuits with a Wanted Level of Four Stars would result in you getting the Five Stars rank.

How long is GTA V?

The length of a playthrough of Grand Theft Auto V depends on a multitude of factors. On average, it takes players around deity hours to complete the storyline of GTA V. In the case that you like to try out all the extras, prepare to spend close to one hundred hours to wrap up everything.

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