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Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 ps3 games is Gun shooting and the best action-adventure game published on 2008. This game was developed by Konami. This is a PlayStation 3 games console.This was the sixth Metal gear game directed by Kojima.Download Metal Gear Solid 4 ps3 roms free.

In general, Metal Gear Solid is a long-running series with many great titles over the years. Nonetheless, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots always hold a special place in the heart of fans of the franchise. 

Overview Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3

Stealth Is An Option 

The Metal Gear Solid series is well-known for the stealth element but in MGS4, there is no need to stay stealthy all the time. In times of need, you could run out gun blazing so you don’t have to worry about the game being tedious. Of course, for immersion, you should avoid making a ruckus. Keep in mind that the game provides you with various means to maintain a low profile and it won’t hurt to take advantage of them.

On-Site Shopping 

Back in previous entries, Snake would enter missions with a small inventory of items which necessitates scavenging for equipment. However, in Metal Gear Solid 4, it’s possible to purchase weapons, ammunition and accessories at any time via a gun launderer named Drebin. That is a big plus if you find yourself in a tough spot on the field and have to modify your loadout on the fly. Interestingly, a number of factors influence the offers of Drebin so think it through to save some bucks. 

The Graphics Ages Well 

All in all, Metal Gear Solid 4 is more than a decade old but its graphics still hold up well. From the animation to the texture, everything about the in-game graphics of MGS4 deserves praise. The way the cutscenes play out is super too: real-time rendering that takes into account actions of the players. Because of that, if you care about the graphics of games you emulate on your computer, Metal Gear Solid 4 is for you. Assuming that you build your computer using modern hardware, the game is going to look gorgeous on it. 

Smooth Combat

Compared to its predecessor, MGS4 incorporates a couple of improvements that simplify and facilitate combat. Therefore, even if Guns of the Patriots is your first Metal Gear Solid game, you should have an easy time performing stealth kills. In addition to that, if you have to shoot your way out, the game would let you do so with relative ease. That is why it won’t take a lot of time and effort to grasp the combat mechanics of Metal Gear Solid 4. 

Top-Of-The-Line Story 

In layman’s terms, the story of Metal Gear Solid is not only engaging but also motivates players to complete missions. Sure, the world looks bleak but the game makes you believe that you could change things around with your actions. Issues about war, glory, sacrifice, manipulation and so on add a night touch to the story of Guns of the Patriots as well. Hence, when the credits start rolling, you won’t regret the hours that you spent on the game.  

Tips And Tricks Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3

Keep An Eye On The Psyche Gauge 

For your information, under the Life Gauge is the Psyche Gauge and it affects the performance of Snake during missions. Because of that, to keep Snake in good condition, it’s essential to pay attention to the Psyche Gauge as you play. Usually, the Psyche Gauge is going to drop if Snake feels unwell (hot, cold, overloaded, wet, …). Depending on the situation, you have several options once it comes to recovering the Psyche Gauge: staying still, consuming items, etc.

Choose The Loadout Wisely 

In Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake is able to carry up to five weapons at the same time on the field. To ensure that you don’t get caught off guard, it’s strongly recommended that you organize your loadout in a logical manner. Ideally, your loadout should include a silenced gun, a SMG for close-quarter combat, a sniper rifle for long-range work and a grenade-type weapon. Feel free to pack a diversionary item as well to distract enemies when a need arises.

Take Advantage Of Solid Eye 

It’s safe to say that the moment you get a hold of Solid Eye, your life gets much easier. Using Solid Eye, you could see data of everyone on the field, friends and foes alike. Thus, by making use of Solid Eye, you should have no trouble keeping friendly fires to the minimum in firefights. Moreover, it’s worth pointing out that Solid Eye is capable of detecting sounds and movements in the vicinity. That means Solid Eye is going to boost your situational awareness if you put it to good use. 

Prioritize Targets 

Since different enemies tend to pose different levels of threats to Snake during missions, you may want to prioritize targets. In most of the cases, it’s widely advised that you take care of snipers, turret operators, etc at the earliest opportunity. Aim for the head if you can help it to quickly neutralize enemies. Stay vigilant and you would reach the end of missions in no time. 

When Things Get Dicey, Retreat 

Surrounded by enemies with little ammo and next to no heath? In that case, there is no shame in backing down to work on a new approach. Get to cover, strategize for a bit and head out again when the coast is clear. By doing so, you could reduce the number of times you see the Game Over screen. 

FAQs Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3

Should I play other Metal Gear Solid games before MGS4?

Gameplay-wise, Guns of the Patriots is not as demanding as other MGS games so you could get used to it quickly. Nonetheless, in terms of story, Metal Gear Solid deals with various events that you won’t understand unless you play previous titles. Hence, if you like to play games casually, feel free to pick up MGS4. On the other hand, if you care about story, try out other Metal Gear Solid games. 

What is the best loadout in Metal Gear Solid 4?


Playstyle changes from person to person so the community is at odds about the best loadout in MSG4. Still, regarding all-around performance, you should give the following some thought:

  • Handgun: Mk.23
  • Assault Rifle: M4 Custom
  • Sniper Rifle: VSS 
  • Shotgun: Saiga
  • Heavy Duty: MGL-140

How to eliminate lags while emulating Guns of the Patriots?

In the beginning, it’s suggested that you apply changes to the settings of your emulator. With a game like MGS4, it won’t hurt to lower the settings slightly for smooth operation. Aside from that, you should close other programs running in the background of your computer. Last but not least, if the lagging prove too much, update the computer hardware. 

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