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Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 ps3 games is one the best action based game which published by Capcom. It is a world wide game.Download the best Resident Evil 4 ps3 roms free.

Resident Evil 4 is by all accounts an iconic title of the Resident Evil series and the survival horror genre as a whole. In the case that you have time to kill and want to kill monsters using an assortment of weapons, Resident Evil 4 is for you.

Overview Resident Evil 4 PS3

Action, Action And Action

While the pace of earlier Resident Evil installments is kind of slow, Resident Evil 4 is all about action. From killing zombies to dodging rocks, the game is going to keep you on your toes until you see the credits. You like dynamic games that don’t bore you out with dialogues, cutscenes and so on? Then it’s strongly recommended that you spare some of your time to try out Resident Evil 4 on your emulator. 

Epic Bosses 

As you progress through Resident Evil 4, you inevitably run into multiple bosses and each of them packs unique traits. Thus, you cannot expect to come out of boss fights unscathed if you fail to figure out what must be done in a timely manner. Fortunately, the game tends to give you a lot of hints so assuming that you pay attention, you could dispatch most bosses before long. Also, it’s worth pointing out that with so many Resident Evil 4 guides available nowadays, you should have no trouble looking for instructions regarding bosses. 

Merchant Is A Nice Touch 

Previously, to pick up new weapons and parts to upgrade them in Resident Evil games, players need to keep their eyes peeled while searching for supplies. However, in Resident Evil 4, all you have to do to expand your arsenal is to visit the Merchant from time to time. If you collect enough money (Peseta or PTAS for short), the Merchant would sell you everything you want. Therefore, it’s simple to provide Leon with the firepower he requires to reach the end of Resident Evil 4.

Minigames With Great Entertainment Values 

The main game is nice but after you finish your first playthrough, the game offers you two minigames: The Mercenaries and Assignment Ada. In The Mercenaries, your goal is to earn as many points as possible by killing enemies in the vicinity before the timer runs out. About Assignment Ada, you play as Ada searching to collect Plaga samples on the Island under the order of Albert Wesker. Both minigames could guarantee hours of fun following the completion of the main game.

New Game+ Means Excellent Replayability 

Generally speaking, one of the features that make Resident Evil 4 popular among games is New Game+. Using New Game+, you would be able to play the game again with all the items, ammunition, weapons and upgrades of the last playthrough. By taking advantage of the end-game inventory that New Game+ provides, you should have an easy time eliminating enemies in the game. Needless to say, once it comes to replayability, Resident Evil 4 receives high scores from a wide range of reviews. 

Tips And Tricks Resident Evil 4 PS3

Keep An Eye Out For Treasures 

For your information, money plays a key role in Resident Evil 4 as you need money to buy new weapons, expand the inventory, etc. Because of that, while playing, it’s a good idea to pick up treasures along the way and sell them for some cash. Whenever you visit the Merchant to buy stuff, make sure to sell your stock of treasures to fund your purchases. Remember that certain treasures (Beerstein, Elegant Mask, Butterfly Lamp, Salazar Family Crown and Golden Lynx) give you more if you combine them with other treasures.

Concentrate On Mixing Yellow Herbs 

At the beginning, the health bar of Leon is long enough to weather a couple of hits from enemies. Still, as time passes by and strong enemies start introducing themselves, you have to increase the health bar so Leon won’t easily get knocked out. To do so, it’s essential that you make and use Yellow Herb mixtures at every opportunity. Yellow Herb is the rarest herb in the game though so don’t overlook any corner. 

Finish Downed Enemies With Knife 

The Merchant is willing to sell plenty of things to Leon but it’s noteworthy that his shop lacks ammo. Hence, like previous Resident Evil games, you have to scavenge for ammo to prevent your guns from running dry. Also, it’s wise to conserve ammo and one of the ways to achieve that aim is to finish downed enemies with knife. The moment enemies drop down on the ground, you should close the distance and start slashing them. 

Take Care Of Ashley

In certain sections of the game, you need to escort Ashley throughout areas that contain enemies. Naturally, it’s important that you look after the President’s daughter as her death instantly results in a Game Over. If an enemy manages to get a hold of Ashley, you must free her at once. Aside from that, if you can help it, you may want to tell Ashley to hide as you clear out the enemies.

Remember To Organize The Inventory 

To put it plainly, poor inventory organization causes a multitude of hassles so you should arrange your items logically. Ideally, designate dedicated zones for weapons, ammunition, grenades, herbs,… That not only permits you to calculate what you have with relative ease but also optimize space usage. When you have enough money, feel free to visit the Merchant to upgrade the case for more space. 

FAQs Resident Evil 4 PS3

How many weapons could I unlock in Resident Evil 4?

Installments in the Resident Evil series usually incorporate several unlockable weapons and Resident Evil 4 is not an exception. Here is a list of weapons that you may unlock by meeting particular conditions:

  • Punisher: Shoot ten Blue Medallions in the game. Noteworthily, if you shoot all fifteen Blue Medallions, you would receive The Punisher with a free upgrade in firepower.
  • Matilda: Beat the game once
  • Infinite Rocket Launcher: Beat the game once 
  • P.R.L. 412: Beat the game in the Profesional Mode 
  • Chicago Typewriter: Beat Assignment Ada
  • Handcannon: Earn five stars in every stage with all the characters in The Mercenaries

Is it possible to kill the Regenerador?

In layman’s terms, you don’t have to kill any Regenerador to advance the story but a number of options exist. One way is to combine your Rifle/Sniper Rifle with the Infrared Scope and kill all the Plagas parasites you see on the Regenerador. Also, you could destroy the legs of the Regenerador then proceed to slash the hell out of it. Last but not least, if you have more grenades than you need, toss out at least three to blow apart the Regenerador.

Should I kill crows? 

Unlike their counterparts from other Resident Evil games, crows in Resident Evil 4 don’t attack the player. Nonetheless, it’s still a good idea to kill crows for the items they hold. If you notice many crows huddling close together, a single Flash Grenade would take out quite a few. 

REGION World Wild
GENRE Action
Size 3 GB
File Format GameFolder/ISO
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