Resistance: Fall Of Man PS3 ROM ISO Download

Resistance PS3 games or called Resistance fall of man PS3 games is a first-person shooter sci-fi title. It’s a human conflict with aliens from 1951 in England. The game was developed and designed in collaboration with Insomniac Games and published by the renowned gaming firm Sony Computer Entertainment. In the game, you’ll become a character, a sergeant called Nathan Hale and join him in fighting the aliens away from England. 

The storyline of the Resistance PS3 game is about the invaders from alien forces who are brutal creatures. They refer to them as Chimera. They invaded the planet, causing the destruction of Europe to a total ruin. They’ve killed thousands of innocent individuals and transformed into a variety of species, ranging from normal creatures to the most cruel and vicious huge spiders. 

You’ll play as the main character, Nathan Hale, who has the capability of fighting the virus by himself. The role of the player is to follow Nathan Hale and his army to defend the earth from evil aliens, and stop their plans to invade our beautiful planet.So, get download your best Resistance PS3 ISO ROMs and enjoy playing with Resistance PS3 games.

resistance ps3 games
Resistance PS3 Games
PUBLISHER Sony Computer Entertainment
REGION World Wide
File Format Game Folder / ISO