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skate 3

Skate 3 ps3 games was the most popular sport game and released on may 11, 2010. Skate 3 was developed by EA games. And released this for world wide.Skate 3 was becoming very popular and attractive features for gamer.Download Skate 3 ps3 roms free.

As the third installment in the Skate series, Skate 3 deviates from its predecessors (Skate 2) in a lot of regards. You like Skate 2 but also believe that it could use some work? In that case, you should enjoy playing Skate 3 on your PS3 emulator. 

Overview Skate 3 PS3

Excellent Park Creator

One of the appealing features of Skate 3 is the park creator that lets you put together a skateboarding environment tailored to your preferences. Thanks to the collection of tools, objects and so on, you could let your imagination run wild. 

Top-Notch Camera Angle

While cruising around, you should notice the new view option: the low/high camera. If the traditional mode fails to satisfy you, you can view things close to sea level. In times of need, you always have the option of reverting to the old camera and lining up your board with the ground.

Audio Improvement

In Skate 3, the developers have managed to include a series of improvements for audio. For instance, the voice of Jason Lee, a former professional skateboarder, adds to the realism. There is also a spunky announcer that pops up during organized contests and contributes to the experience.

Tips And Tricks Skate 3 PS3 

Take Advantage Of In-Game Trick Guide

If you want to become adept at skateboarding in Skate 3, use the in-game Trick Guide and master all the maneuvers. By pausing the trick menu, you could even see a full-motion video showing the selected trick. Therefore, you’ll know exactly how to pull it off which saves a lot of time and effort. 

Think About Your Setup

In case you don’t know, it’s possible to customize the board’s trucks and the wheels to achieve certain characteristics. For example, you could make the wheels harder for smooth and quick skating. Aside from that, if you have a hard time nailing the landing, feel free to tighten the truck but remember that loose trucks improve maneuverability. Spend a bit of time experimenting to deduce the ultimate design for your skateboard.


Generally speaking, the Skate 3 story is solid but there is no need to concentrate on it too much. The world is big so you should explore it and test out your skills in the process for optimal experiences. Exploring lets you locate contests as well as other rewards that make it worth your while.

Avoid Big Tricks On Small Ramps

If objects don’t give you much airtime (like a small ramp), avoid pulling huge tricks. Unless the amount of space and time is adequate, tricks usually end in disaster so please pay attention. In the case that you like to practice, work on your tricks at large ramps. That will give you room for mistakes and chances to hone your skills.

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