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the last of us

The last of us ps3 games is one of the most popular game which was developer by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released on June 14, 2013. The last of us fully action adventure game that is why it gets popular withing a very short time.Download the last of us ps3 roms free.

Overall, Naughty Dog is a well-known video game developer with many successful titles but regarding popularity, few come close to The Last of Us (TLOU). If you look for a solid game to play on your PS3 emulator, it’s strongly recommended that you try out TLOU. 

Overview The Last of Us PS3

A Captivating Story 

The background of The Last of Us makes use of the post-apocalyptic theme which is not uncommon in the industry. However, with the constant struggle for survival, sudden deaths, twisted turns of events and so on, the story of TLOU is tip-top. From the moment you hit New Game until the rolling of credits, there is no such thing as a dull moment. If story is one of your criteria once it comes to games, there is a good chance that you would enjoy playing the game from Naughty Dog.

Gorgeous Graphics 

One of the things that allow The Last of Us to increase the impact of its story is the graphics. By taking advantage of the Havok engine, TLOU manages to optimize the level of immersion for players. While the game is not exactly new, its graphics still hole up well as time passes by. Assuming that you emulate it on a decent computer, The Last of Us is going to look gorgeous despite its age. 

Interesting Puzzles 

Aside from the fighting, hiding, scavenging, …,  The Last of Us also requires players to solve several puzzles to progress. The puzzles in TLOU seldom need a lot of time and effort to overcome but they offer changes of pace by all accounts. Moreover, while solving puzzles in the game, you should be able to hear many conversations between characters that show growth in their relationship. Thus, the more puzzles you solve, the more you understand the characters of  The Last of Us. 

Solid Combat Mechanics 

In The Last of Us, you not only deal with multiple human enemies but also have to handle countless abominations caused by fungus infections. That means if you want to get to the end of the game, it’s essential to master the combat mechanics. Fortunately, the straightforwardness of the mechanics means it won’t take much work to figure out the best ways to neutralize hostiles in specific settings. The myriad of weapons available in the game provides you with a couple of approaches as well.

Easy-To-Understand Upgrades

All in all, upgrades play a key role in determining the odds of you leaving combat alive. The Last of Us is designed with two areas of upgrades: one for weapons (requires parts) and one for skills (requires pills). You could work on skill upgrades at any time but you need to visit a workbench to access weapon upgrades. In any case, as long as you keep an eye out for parts and pills, you should have an easy time getting upgrades. 

Tips And Tricks The Last of Us PS3

Save Ammo 

For your information, ammunition is one of the resources that you won’t see too often in The Last of Us. Thus, it’s strongly recommended that you avoid shooting at everything that poses a threat. Keep in mind that there is an abundance of melee weapons in various stages of the game. Instead of shooting, you must consider taking down the enemies using melee weapons in the surroundings to save ammo whenever it’s possible.

Be Prepared

Generally speaking, crafting takes time and in a lot of cases, time is something that you lack. That is why it’s a good idea to craft items to resupply your stock as soon as you leave combat. For instance, you can never tell whether a Clicker is waiting around the next corner so make sure that you have a shiv ready. In addition to that, it won’t hurt to have a health kit in case you need to heal in a hurry.  

Give Stealth Some Thought 

Since you don’t have to go out with guns blazing in all encounters, it’s wise to adopt a stealth approach in certain situations. By maintaining a low profile, you would be able to catch enemies off guard more easily. Also, if you eliminate enemies in a stealthy manner, you could conserve resources for later use as well. That is a big plus in a game where resources tend to be few and far between. 

Take Advantage Of Your Companion

One interesting thing about The Last of Us is that there is no need to get your hands dirty every time you enter combat. If you find yourself in a tough spot, feel free to play passively and let your companion deal with the enemies in your stead. Furthermore, if you run low on ammo, your companion might pass you a few rounds. Of course, you should still recuse your companion at the earliest opportunity if a warning appears on the screen. 

Save, Save And Save

The Last of Us integrates auto-saving as well as checkpoints but it’s ill-advised to rely on them alone. If a fight turns south out of the blue, you could lose valuable resources which complicates progression. Because of that, you should save from time to time, especially before a tough fight. By doing so, you should be able to redo fights at any time if things don’t work in your favor.

FAQs The Last of Us PS3

How long does it take to complete The Last of Us?

Quite a few factors influence the time it takes to finish all twelve chapters of The Last of Us: difficulty, exploration, luck, … If you play the game casually, you could wrap it up in around fifteen hours. On the other hand, if you like to get the most out of the game, your playthrough may last as long as twenty five hours. 

Is there only one ending to the game?

Yes, the game is made with one ending. Regardless of your action, it’s impossible to change the way the game ends. 

Should I open all shiv doors that I come across?

Rooms locked by shiv doors usually contain an assortment of supplies: ammo, health kit, part, etc. As a result, it’s widely advised that you unlock as many shiv doors as you can to obtain supplies for your adventure. 

PUBLISHER Sony Computer Entertainment
REGION World Wide
GENRE Action
Size 30 GB
File Format GameFolder/ISO
Blur  Extraction code: 1257
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