UFC Undisputed 3 PS3 ROM ISO Download

UFC Undisputed 3 ps3 iso roms

UFC Undisputed 3 ps3 game is one of the best sport game than others and it was published on February 14, 2012 .It became popular very short time after released.It is published by THQ.Get the best UFC Undisputed 3 ps3 roms free.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the theme of many fighting games on the PS3 but few could match UFC Undisputed 3 in terms of success. If you like the octagon as well as the brawling inside it, there is a good chance that you will come to like the game published by THQ.

Overview UFC Undisputed 3 PS3

All-New Trainer Interaction 

The sequel to UFC Undisputed 2010 possesses solid trainer interaction that adds to the thrill of MMA matches. You can now hear your trainer giving your advice that you could see to your advantage during the round. In between the rounds, he will also provide analyses that lets you grasp the negative and positive aspects of your approach. Needless to say, to come out on top, you should listen to your trainer.

Solid Graphics And Animation

Developers of UFC Undisputed 3 have done an outstanding job detailing the fighter’s tattoos, physiques, faces and so on. Furthermore, the venues and crowds look the part so the atmosphere could impress MMA fans. It’s noteworthy that while the lacerations look gruesome, there is no exaggeration in the blood spots. As a whole, the game is an aesthetically pleasing title that holds up well against other MMA-based games like EA Sports’ Fight Night Champion.

Career Mode Is Well-Designed 

Compared to the previous versions, setting up a career in  UFC Undisputed 3 is less taxing. You won’t have to manage a ton of stat and the number of menus is reduced. Therefore, you could focus on beating your opponent to submission. Finally, the sequence of actions leading up to a fight only lasts briefly so you could spend more time inside the octagon.


In UFC Undisputed 3, the skill on the ground dictates the fighter’s speed which could be observed via an indicator. If a fighter doesn’t defend themselves on the ground, their indicator reflects their slowness. That means when someone looks at the meters of both players, they can know who is in control on the ground. Collisions also make the match realistic from start to finish. 

Tips and Tricks UFC Undisputed 3 PS3

Dodge And Move

In case you didn’t know, dodging and moving contribute greatly to victories in UFC Undisputed 3. Instead of blocking, learn the sway system of the game then move at the right moment to avoid taking damages. Aside from that, during a match, move quickly towards or away from your opponent in times of need using the analog stick. By doing so, you’ll have a decent chance at dealing substantial damages.

Don’t Skip The Tutorial 

Even if you have played other UFC titles, you should refrain from skipping the tutorial. The tutorial of UFC Undisputed 3 is quite detailed so it could help you hone your skills in preparation for the octagon. Through the tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of striking and all the game’s intricacies. Even though the controls will be a little too many, playing the entire tutorial reduces the learning curve and makes you a more well-rounded fighter. 

Work On The Transition

You’ll get a new set of controls when you enter the ground and a strong ground game heavily depends on the transition. You can transit with a simple flick of the right stick and for significant transitions, move your fighter quickly and pull them as fast as you can. Time your transitions right and you should have no trouble overcoming opponents.

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