WWE 2K14 PS3 ROM ISO Download

WWE 2K14

WWE 2K14 ps3 game is one of the most popular fighting action games which published on October 29, 2013.It is also console based PS3 game and published by 2K Sports.Download WWE 2k14 ps3 roms free.

Professional wrestling is a theme used by many games but in terms of success, few could match that of WWE 2K14. You have been following professional wrestling ever since you were a child? In that case, you should consider picking up WWE 2K14. 

Overview WWE 2K14 PS3

A Lot Of Customizations

In WWE 2K14, you could choose from existing wrestlers as well as create unique characters. Of course, you have the option of using your WWE superstars as templates during customization. The game offers up to one hundred options which make it easy for you to fashion your own wrestler. Aside from that, it’s possible to create championship belts from scratch too. 

All Sorts Of Gameplay Tweaks 

Compared to previous editions, the in-ring actions of WWE 2K14 have received an overhaul for improved gameplay. For instance, a diversity of cinematic moments means matches don’t bore you out. Furthermore, the game lets you taunt opponents and put them in the perfect spot for a finisher. Therefore, you should be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

Linear Flow Of Fight 

Developers of WWE 2K14 deleted reversal cycles and made it so that players could quickly unleash strike combinations. Thus, you could dedicate your focus to the match from start to finish. Since the speed of the game results in tip-top playability, players rarely need to take a lot of time to get used to WWE 2K14. 

Realism Is Well-Emphasized 

Generally speaking, while moves in WWE2K14 still leave something to be desired, they still mimic their real-life counterparts well, especially the impact. If you land a hit on your opponent, you could instantly see the reaction. Additionally, elaborate wind-up animations and thunderous sounds also contribute to the gaming experience.

Tips And Tricks WWE 2K14 PS3 

Enter The Crowd

In the game, there is a glitch that allows you to enter the crowd if you play in TLC/Extreme Rules match. Throw your opponent into one corner of the wrestling barricade outside the ring. Next, throw out the steel steps when the opponent rises, run over to the steps and enter the crowd.

Work On The Unlockables

The game contains a collection of Alternate Attires for all superstars and managers. To get the unlockables, you have to complete specific objectives. Here is an example: if you wish to unlock Batista of WrestleMania 26, you’ll have to complete all Historical Objectives for John Cena v Batista at WrestleMania XXVI. 

Play As A Manager

It’s possible to play using managers in WWE2K14 but you have to go through a couple of steps. First, select one of the wrestlers (apart from the Miz) then choose Miz as your opponent but before you confirm his attire, de-select him. Proceed to change your wrestler to Miz and your opponent is going to change to Mr. Fuji, one of the managers. Lastly, change your slot from left to right and select from the managers’ list.

Break The Ladder

In some fights, you could break the ladder to get an upper hand. To do so, prop the ladder up in the corner as vertically as possible, whip your opponent onto it and grapple with him. Next, while still grappling your opponent, do a suplex directly onto the ladder.

Size 13 GB
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